Using the SVN command to update the NEAT Repositories

User documentation

  • Last Updated: 06/19/2019

Subversion (svn) is used to keep all of the extra programs supplied with NEAT updated.

In order to update your host server, you need to connect to a working internet connection and run these commands:

cd /opt/shared; svn update; svn status
cd /opt/scripts; svn update; svn status

If you get an error message about a repository checkout not being clean (can happen if a previous svn update was interrupted before it could finish) run this command:

svn cleanup

Do not edit any of these files; if you have a patch to submit you can send it to NEAT, and we will look it over. If you edit a file and make a change that is not compatible with a future change that we make at NEAT, you will get a conflict on update.

If that happens you may need to remove the file and run another update.

If you have a conflict you cannot resolve, here is how you can check out the shared folder again:

rm -rf /opt/shared/
cd /opt;
svn co shared

And the scripts folder:

rm -rf /opt/scripts/
cd /opt;
cd /opt; svn co scripts

If you need the svn password:

user: rwtrainer
pass: 15.learner

These can be stored unencrypted. This will allow you to update in the future without typing them in.