About NEAT

Course Outline

Unit 0: Preparation

Teacher Lab Setup:

Student Lab Setup:

Unit 1: Introduction

Intro to Linux:

Intro to IP Addressing:

Unit 2: KVM and Cisco

KVM Intro/Lab (Getting Lab Files guide in misc):

Cisco Lab (Getting Lab Files guide in misc):

Unit 3: Routing

Intro to Routing:

Static Routing Lab (Getting Lab Files guide in misc):

Dynamic Routing using OSPF Lab:

OSPF & BGP Bonus Lab

Unit 4: Firewalls

Intro to Firewalling:

Firewall Lab (Getting Lab Files guide in misc):

Unit 5: VoIP Systems

Intro to VoIP:

VoIP Lab (Getting Lab Files guide in misc):

Miscellaneous Resources

About Your NEAT Rack:

Getting Lab Files:

Using Minicom (to access a Cisco device on Linux):

Using puTTY (to access a device via SSH/Console on Windows):

Backing Up Labs:

KVM Commands Reference:

Copying Virtual Machines

Clean Server Shutdown Command:

Troubleshooting Networking w/ Ethtool

Updating SVN:

Understanding how to edit/create VM network interfaces:

Creating a WAP with Raspberry Pi

Creating an Image from an ISO File

Mounting a USB Device on Debian